Volunteer Service

Volunteer Service:

People inspired by altruistic thought can dedicate their time for the volunteer services provided at NCO. The volunteer works especially for teaching, vocational training, sanitation and other extra-curricular activities are being provided without any facility instead

Future Program of NCO:

  • Strengthening Child Rights Cell to organize awareness, advocacy and campaign programs on child rights
  • Developing a strong & effective Nationwide Network for Child rights protection, promotion and monitoring
  • Organize research works on child related sectors.
  • Organizational Development and Strengthening Programs.
  • Continuation of existing child support activities.
  • Strengthening income-generating programs.
  • Establishment of a Child Information Centre.
  • Strengthening District Committee with new dimension.
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration program, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of infrastructures.

Financial resources of Nepal Children’s Organization:

  • Donation & gift received by the individuals/organizations.
  • Support from national and international NGOs.
  • Membership fee
  • Adoption donation
  • Amount acquired from the movable and immovable property of NCO
    1.  Rent
    2. Bank interest from endowment fund
  • Others (Income Generating Program, Sponsorship program etc.)

Strength of NCO:

  • A Historical biggest autonomous non-governmental organization.
  • National & international recognition and credibility.

Sufficient physical infrastructures.

Specialization on Home operation.

  • Pioneer organization in adoption.
  • Nationwide network and a large number of volunteer social workers.

Experienced management and committed leadership.

NCO needs:

  • Regular financial resources.
  • Capacity building & Organizational Development.
  • Strategic planning & organizational strengthening programs.
    • Public relation and publicity.
    • Modern technology.

Anticipated Programs:

NCO expects support for the following programs:

  • Thecho Family Village Project
  • Reintegration (Conflict-affected children of different homes
  • Bridging Programs.
  • Sponsorships & scholarship program
  • Reconstruction, repair and maintenance of infrastructures
  • Organizing Homes & Seasonal support.
  • Job placement of adult children.
  • Strengthening the Child Rights Cell.
  • Organizational Development and Organizational Strengthening programs
  • Educational support.
  • Child information center.
  • Child rights advocacy, awareness & campaigning program

You can support NCO:

As you NCO is totally a dependable organization financially, any individual or organization motivated with benevolent thoughts can extend kind support to our needy children by

  • Sponsoring child education, living costs or both
  • Supporting stationary materials, clothes, shoes, food etc.
  • Volunteering your time, skills and service.
  • Launching child welfare projects or joining hands with us and
  • Providing financial grant.