Flagship publication of NCO, BALAK – the oldest magazine for children in Nepali language features articles written by both children and adults to enhance children’s knowledge. The magazine contains articles; children’s literature, crosswords, other word puzzles, biographies, children’s achievements, pen pal addresses. And feedback forms the readers. The objective is to encourage and recognize the young  creative writers. it predominantly focuses on the interests and requests of the children. Since its first publication in 1967, it is a must reading for the Nepalese children.


NCO publishes bimonthly News Bulletin to disseminate information on the achievements, developments, news, and updates on its programs and activities throughout the country.


NC0  has published brochures for it’s home s and program with highlight of each


On the National Children’s Day, NCO publishes an annual SOUVENIR with briefs about the programs and articles from prominent writers.


Both English and Nepalese Calendars are published. The Nepalese Calendars are distributed free of cost in all the 75 districts through our branches. This year, 3,000 copies each of Table and Wall Calendars were published. English Calendars are made available to the visits and supporters for a nominal cost. It is also targeted to the adoptee and adoptive families abroad.

10) Kindergarten / Toddler Classes

The NCO Kindergarten/Toddler School extends the family experience by providing an intermediary step for the children from home learning to formal schooling. It provides warm, secure and aesthetic environment for the children to flourish in imaginative and creative efforts. By adopting the Waldorf Kindergarten based teaching and physical environment, it has contributed to the development of children’s social and learning skills in the early stages of their lives. Using only natural materials largely creates the feeling of warmth and security: woods, cotton, wool in the construction of the decor and toys. It accentuates the commitment of NCO towards offering children the best available care and services. The genuine collaborative endeavor of the program was incepted in February 1998.

11) Income Generating Program:

The organization, identifying its own resource for covering the expenditure of education and other sectors of children being protected under the organization has earned income from a good number of income generating programs. Under this program,

a)  Goat husbandry, piggery and buffalo husbandry is operated in the Bhimphedi Children Home

b)  Poultry Farming and Vegetable Farming has been operated in the Social Welfare Children Home, Panchkhal.

c)  Commercial Complex: NCO has commercial complexes in different districts through which the district can collect a good amount as rent. Sarlahi, Magdi, Kailali, Kapilvastu, Kanchanpur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts have this kind of commercial complexes. Likewise, it is the objective of operating different income generating programs by mobilizing the resources and means within the Kingdom of Nepal. As there is fluency of coming and going of children, the number is subject to change. Further, the data of children of organization working in joint venture with us is not available.

12) Child Club

NCO has formed different children clubs to enhance overall development of children through the clubs’ activities.

a)  Hawker Child Club

It is a child club under 16, who sells newspaper in the streets by shouting, was established on Magh6, 2058 B.S. in affiliation with NCO. The main objectives of the club are

  • To give educational support
  • To aware them on child rights and abuses.
  • To train them on the child participation subject
  • To inspire them for better future
  • To mobilize them for the creative works
  • The club has provided educational scholarship to top ten students from the hawker children from this academic year. The club will extend its area and provide them skill oriented training also

b)  Creative child club, Siphal

This club was established at Siphal Bal Griha In 2061 B.S. The main objective of the club is to enhance the capacity of creativity of the children of the homes.

c)  Child Club Naxal

d)  Child club Dolakha

e)  Child club Kapilbastu

13) Annual Regular Functions:

a) National Children’s Day (Bhadra 29)

NCO commemorates National Children’s Day on the Bhadra 29, of the Nepalese calendar year. It is celebrated throughout Nepal with much fanfare and programs for the children. The Prime Minister is the Chairperson of the main organizing committee. National Flag is hoisted at the NCO Central Office premises by the Chief Guest amidst a function to honor children for their talents, bravery, and accomplishments. Major donors and contributors of NCO are also honored. National figures on child literature are also recognized for their contribution.

The morning starts with a rally from Bhrikuti Mandap culminating at NCO Central Office at Naxal in Kathmandu. Hundreds of children from schools and organizations march with banners and play cards in a rhythm orchestrated with the band of Nepal Police. Various competitions such as singing, dancing, debates, elocution, painting, karate, football, poetry recitation, quiz, etc. are organized on a national level from as early as three weeks prior to the National Children’s Day. Interested children are invited for these competitions through public notices published in the national dailies. The winners of each category of competitions receive certificates, medals and prizes. A cultural program is organized showcasing these talented children on the National Children’s Day at a cultural hall in the capital.

b) CRC Day November 20:  NCO celebrates the CRC day every year